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Cattolica: the pride of the coast

Not only beaches and hotels

Cattolica is a small town located between Misano and Gabicce. His fame dates back to ancient era, so much so that it is mentioned even by Dante in the XXVIII canto of the Inferno.

The catholic has a long beach, some three kilometres, a real natural swimming pool, particularly loved by families with small children and those seeking a relaxing holiday.

In addition, the Cattolica hosts several annual festivals, including “The feast of Stella Maris,” in which, after a religious procession, the vessels leading into the sea the statue of the Madonna, “The Feast of the flowers” that populate the main streets of the city centre with a beautiful display of plants and flowers, or the most famous “Notte Rosa”, the new year summer colours the city.

Family holidays

Amusement parks

In Cattolica and its surroundings are the main theme parks of the Riviera romagnola in which have fun with the whole family.
Just in Cattolica and close to the Hotel Des Bains is located in the largest aquarium of the Adriatic. Divided into four thematic paths dedicated to marine animals, reptiles, otters and exhibition, theAquarium of Cattolica is home to a number of different animal species.

In the nearby Riccione share the same entrance both Overseas that Acquafan. The first is a park famous for its shows of animals and the activities organized for the children, the second has the water slides more exciting in Italy.

In Rimini you can find both Fiabilandiatheme park stories of the child in both Italy in Miniature, where the main Italian cities are reproduced in reduced scale.
Less than an hour by car, and Ravenna, you find Mirabilandia, the park with attractions and man-made beach suitable for the whole family.

Monuments and historical artifacts

a city to visit

The evidences of a past equally glorious monuments of more recent age are found at various points of the city. Below you will find some suggestions.
The city Hall, the Palazzo Mancini (1914) presents a neo-renaissance style and was decorated with ornaments and mosaics. Opposite you will find the equally famous gardens of the city Hall.
The church of Sant’ Apollinare (XIII century), designed by Gaetano Cupioli and restored in 1578.
The roman ruins found in the piazzetta delle Erbe, known as “mansio”is an ancient inn, and the train stop is situated on the via Flaminia. Further excavations in the area of porto has discovered an ancient kiln for amphoras, and more than 300 amphorae, and the remains of a sanctuary dedicated to Jupiter. In addition, between piazza Roosevelt, and the church of St. Pius V have been brought to the light the walls of a house dating back to the augustan age.
The Museum of the Queen (1584) was once a hospital for pilgrims, transformed later, in 1839, in a barracks. The Museum hosts two sections: one that collects ancient archaeological finds, and another dedicated to the navy.
The Torre malatestiana (1490) which is probably of byzantine origin and from the slope of Monte Vici provides a view of the whole city.

The Cattolica and the hinterland

The picturesque villages

A few kilometres from Cattolica, between Romagna and the Marche, you will find medieval villages are really beautiful.

Gradarawith its fortress has been named among the most beautiful villages of Italy. It is known for the V canto of dante's Inferno, which tells the tragic love story between Paolo and Francesca.
The fortress of San Leo is famous for being the ancient seat of the Montefeltro family, and for having in their possession the alchemist Count of Cagliostro.
Montefiore Conca offers, instead, is a fortress surrounded by a wild nature and offers a breathtaking view.
Instead, if you are a fan of castles, you are spoilt for choice: there is the old townof Montegridolfo, to Montescudo and Monte Colombo .

Cattolica by night

fun for all tastes

Cattolica is a small, quiet town, with services and events dedicated especially to the families and those who want to entertain without the small hours.

The only disco on the beach is the Bikini Village which is located near the park l’ Aquarium of Cattolica” and is famous for its exciting theme parties.
But just move a few miles to find a thriving night life. Here is the list of the most frequented by the young and by those who are not afraid to dance all night.

The Baia Imperiale is located in the nearby Gabicce mare and is built and furnished along the lines of a roman villa of the augustan age. You can dance in one of the five rooms that play different music from each other.
The Malindi is located between Cattolica and Misano. Is a disco on the beach with ambient music and house.

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